This test page is a temporary site for my students who are studying Reaxys.  


  • You need to log in to see the assignments.  
  • You can download and print them.
    • Some are MS word documents and you can edit those directly if you download them
  •  You can comment on the PDFs by opening them in a browser (do not download)
    • Always comment to the class group [UALRC43995399] DO NOT POST TO PUBLIC
    • Use individual assignment tags as directed

RX LogIn
OLCC RX Module

Students:  Do not click on the button for the files below where it says "remove files" and then click "Save", as that removes the file.  To download the file, you simple click on the filename.  If it is a PDF, it will open in your browser, and you can download that and print if you desire.  If it is a MS Word document, it will be downloaded to your default download folder